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Marianna Service Unit


Mid-December of 2019, the service unit in Baton Rouge, LA moved to Marianna, FL to help with rebuilding from the Hurricane Michael that swept through in October of 2018.  As the fourth strongest hurricane to make landfall in the contiguous United States, Hurricane Michael ripped through with devastating 160 mph winds, snapping trees for many miles, toppling them onto homes and businesses, wreaking havoc with roofs and causing subsequent rain damage. An estimated 23,000 tarps have been distributed for damaged roofs. Marianna is 58 miles from Mexico Beach where Michael made landfall. The weather tower here recorded upwards of 150 mph winds before toppling from the force of it.

Currently, the young men here are working with the Chipola Baptist Association, accepting the challenges of chainsaw work, roofing, drywall, and flooring.

The town of Marianna, “City of Southern Charm”, has a population of around 7,000.  The people are friendly and appreciative of the help they’re receiving.  Meritts Mill pond nearby is spring-fed and crystal clear. Natural caverns have been recently reopened after suffering damage from the hurricane. This community of springs and rivers with friendly people promises to be an enjoyable place to give of your time to help those in need.

History of Unit

Marianna was founded in 1828 by Scottish entrepreneur Scott Beverage, who named the town after his daughters Mary and Anna.  the population was estimated at about 7,091 in 2018

One may be astonished by the lingering destruction from hurricane Michael.  This storm made landfall on October 10, 2018 with wind speeds of 155 mph.  

Hurricane Michael 2018

Hogan Hozhoni – Window Rock Arizona


Welcome to Hogan Hozhoni where you seldom get bored and have many Navajo children with which to share your love. We care for around 30 to 40 children much of the time. Sometimes the children only need a place to stay for a couple of days and others will be there much longer. Many come from unfortunate circumstances and often respond to love from the volunteer staff.

Where else can you learn skills in cooking for larger groups and caring for five two year olds at one time? The fourteen girls have many wonderful times together and learn to laugh, cry, sing, and pray together.

Hogan Hozhoni is now on a food program requiring the home to serve nutritious meals to the clients, this gives opportunity for increased skills in documentation and record keeping.

We are also updating some in the interior of the home as time and money permit. At Hogan Hozhoni we are continuing to look for ways to improve care for those dear children that truly need love and care.

Howard and Starla Wedel came the first of March 2020 to be house parents. Rosalee Nichols is Hogan Hozhoni’s nurse. Hogan Hozhoni has recently added another position, a CNA, Kayla Friesen, to assist the nurse and help make her load lighter.   It seems like our personnel’s terms go by quickly, and we are soon looking for house parents and a nurse again.

We welcome sincere volunteers and at this time the list of girls wanting to come to Window Rock is short. Those who come, find the time serving at Hogan Hozhoni very rewarding. We appreciate all who have supported this home in some way. It is a worthy work and many lives are touched, especially children who have experienced much trauma. They are being loved and cared for with a personal touch here at Hogan Hozhoni. We have no idea how much or in what way it may affect their lives. It is the Lord’s work.

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester is a beautiful city where the world-renowned Mayo Clinic is found. This service unit consists of six girls and their houseparents, Randy and Terry Ensz.

The girls work 5½ days a week at any of these places: Gift of Life Transplant House, Hope Lodge, Mayo Clinic, St. Mary’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and the Rochester Mennonite Guest Home. At the Gift of Life Transplant House, the girls clean the kitchens and rooms. At Hope Lodge, the girls answer the phone, give tours, and clean. At Mayo Clinic, the girls work in the cafeteria, pass out children’s books, escort patients from recovery rooms, give hand massages to chemotherapy patients, and answer questions at information desks. At the St. Mary’s Hospital, the girls work in the Sisters’ Crossing Gift Shop, clean playrooms, help the Child Life staff, deliver flowers, and take a library cart around to patient rooms. At Ronald McDonald House, the girls sit at the front desk, answer the phone, and clean. At the Rochester Mennonite Guest Home, the girls help with the cleaning.

Singing is a large part of our witness in the city. We sing twice a week at the hospitals and guest home. Two Tuesday evenings a month are spent singing at the Gift of Life Transplant House and Hope Lodge, sometimes with the help of a youth group.

Sunday church services are held in the basement of an office building together with the guest home and mission couples, followed with lunch together at one of our homes. We encounter many opportunities to share our faith with the ones we work with and those suffering from illnesses. We feel privileged to work in friendly Rochester.



Rochester is a quiet, beautiful city, where the world-renowned Mayo Clinic is located. The service unit began in 1999 and consists of six girls and a set of house parents. The unit house, situated in a peaceful neighborhood, is within walking distance of St. Marys Hospital of 1200+ beds where the girls volunteer in the gift shop, which is a highlight of the work schedule. The other jobs in this hospital are the library cart, delivering flower bouquets, and the coffee route.

The girls also volunteer at Gift of Life Transplant House. Patients who are in the process of having a transplant stay here. Some of these people stay an extended length of time, and we get to know them quite well. The friendly staff is enjoyable to work with, and we have many good times with them.
Hope Lodge is a similar operation, but for cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy or radiation at the Mayo Clinic. Two of the girls volunteer here a couple days a week. Tasks include working behind the front desk, answering the phone, giving tours, and some cleaning. The girls volunteer six months of their time.

Beaumont Service Unit

This unit has moved to the Beaumont, Texas area and is rebuilding after hurricane damage History Beaumont became a town on December 16, 1835.  The area around Beaumont receives the most rainfall in the state: more than 48 inches annually. In August of 2017 Beaumont and surrounding area experienced severe extensive flooding as a result […]

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester is a beautiful city where the world-renowned Mayo Clinic is found. This service unit consists of six girls and their houseparents. The girls work 5½ days a week at any of these places: Gift of Life Transplant House, Hope Lodge, Mayo Clinic, St. Mary’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and the Rochester Mennonite Guest Home. […]

Gallup, New Mexico

Christian Child Care continues to open its doors to the abused or neglected children of the Gallup vicinity. Ten young sisters serve here for a six-month term. The big house on the hill is a refuge for children who need a secure place to sleep, play, and eat nourishing meals. The volunteers take their turn […]

Columbia, Missouri

The six girls and their houseparents live in a subdivision north of town. This setting gives them a beautiful place to unwind after a day of service in the hospitals. Two afternoons a week two of the girls go to the guest home to help with the cleaning there. The rest of the days are […]

Ann Arbor

The girls’ unit in Ann Arbor has been a blessing again this year. The Lord has smiled on the willingness of the young sisters and the house parents as they have given their time at the University of Michigan Health System. This unit has six girls, with two arriving and two leaving every other month. […]

Seattle Service Unit

Good Samaritan Hospital

The City

 The Seattle-Tacoma area has a population of over 3.5 million people, which gives us plenty of opportunity to be a witness for Christ. On Monday, we go work for Rebuilding Together Seattle(RTS). RTS is an organization that does small maintenance jobs for older people and veterans to make their homes safer for them, such as installing hand rails, wheelchair ramps, etc. In the rainy weather that Seattle is famous for, the boys come home wet some days! Tuesday and Wednesday they work at the Good Samaritan Hospital, transfering patients in hospital beds and wheel chairs after outpatient surgery, delivering the mail, stocking carts, and whatever else the volunteer coordinator needs them to do.

     Thursday and Friday Habitat for Humanity uses them to build new homes or remodel existing homes etc for those who qualify.

     Twice a month they serve supper at two different rescue missions. Every other week, one of the boys goes with Gospel Tract on their tract route. We sing three times a month with the mission and tract couple, and we worship three Sundays a month with the mission and tract couple at the mission house. The boys are an integral part of that service. Often one Sunday per month we visit a congregation in the area.

     Please pray for the efforts in Seattle. There are millions in darkness looking for a glimpse of light!


     This unit started in Vernonia, OR in January of 2007. The houses are raised on piers and the boys add the stairs and decks to accommodate the new height. This unit has moved to Seattle in January of 2013. The boys are building with ‘Habitat for Humanity’ Wed., Thurs., and Fri., and Mon. and Tues. they alternate with ‘Rebuilding Together’ and ‘Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. There are four boys in this unit together with their house parents. The boys each volunteer for six months of service at a time.