There are 6 young men serving at this unit together with their houseparents.  The term of service for the young men is 6 months

Houston, Texas

The Houston area is a large, sprawling metropolis with a diverse population and many cultures. As happens anywhere where there are masses of humanity, there is an endless cycle of the sorrows and tragedies of mankind. In the midst of this, the six young men go to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital each day, hoping to help alleviate the pain and suffering of patients and their families in some way and to represent the love and compassion of Christ.


The Houston unit is given the opportunity to engage in play in an effort to normalize the hospital setting for our patients and families. Whether a patient is here for a short or long stay, our volunteers help promote an excellent patient experience by providing services that aid in the comfort and wellbeing of those in our care. Through their service, volunteers make an incredible difference in the lives of our youngest patients.


Some of the activities they are involved with include holding and cuddling infants, playing with children at bedside, hosting group activities in the playrooms, assisting staff in areas such as the Pediatric Emergency Room, and Pediatric Day Surgery, and collecting various unused medical supplies for third world countries through the Medical Bridges program.




The CPS Houston unit arrived in Houston on August 27, 2008 to begin volunteer service in humanitarian efforts. The young men get six months of rewarding experiences, make new friends, and memories that last a lifetime. The house parents give time of service at the hospital also. The unit enjoys its involvement with the mission church and the fellowship of the local brothers and sisters. The support and hospitality shown to the unit by the Victoria and El Campo congregations is much appreciated.