There are 4 young men serving at this unit together with their house parents.  The term of service for the young men is 6 months

Contact Information

60823 Gordans Ferry Rd

Happy Camp, CA

Happy Camp Rebuild Unit

Happy Camp, CA is a small remote mountain town with very few businesses. The nearest shopping town is 1.5 hrs away. The Karuk Indian Tribe is the heart of the town. The town people are very friendly and welcome the help that we are giving them. 
In the sumnmer of 2020 the Slater fire came through the area burning 150-200 homes.  The work of rebuilding homes is done under Hope Crisis Response Network.
In the off hours, the young men enjoy the mountain adventures of fishing, kayaking, swimming and hiking
The nearest congregation is 3.5-4 hrs away so most Sundays are spent at the house either listening to a service or having one of our own