Baton Rouge Recovery Unit

The Baton Rouge service unit has been working in the Baton Rouge area since February 2017. The unit was moved from Walnut, Mississippi, to help rebuild houses damaged in the catastrophic flood of August 2016. We began working in the Baker area, following up on some houses where CDR had worked earlier. We now have Tyson and Andrea Ensz as houseparents, with four young men working there.

We currently work every other week for Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge, and the other week in Denham Springs, where some individuals find and coordinate work for us. Most of our work is for those who have no insurance and very little hope to hire their repairs done. We do all types of interior finishing, from insulation and drywall to installing appliances, and everything in between. There seems to be lots of work ahead of us to be done yet. The people are very appreciative and have shown it by giving us cash or gift cards for restaurants to express their thankfulness.

The CPS unit is located at 3813 Valentine Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70816. This unit moved here from Walnut, MS. We are rebuilding from the flood of August 2016. The houses have been gutted and we are doing the dry walling, flooring, and finishing, mostly in Baker, a city 17 miles north of Baton Rouge.

This unit has been moved to Marianna, FL


This unit began after heavy rains in August of 2016.