Seattle Service Unit

The Seattle-Tacoma area has a population of over 3.5 million people, which gives us plenty of opportunity to be a witness for Christ. On Monday, we go work for Rebuilding Together Seattle. It is an organization that does small maintenance jobs for older people and veterans to make their homes safer for them. In the rainy weather that Seattle is famous for, the boys have come home wet some days. Tuesday and Wednesday they work at the Good Samaritan Hospital, pushing folks in hospital beds and wheel chairs after outpatient surgery, delivering the mail, stocking carts, and whatever else the volunteer coordinator needs them to do.

Thursday and Friday Habitat for Humanity uses them wherever they are needed. Twice a month they serve supper at two different rescue missions. Every other week, one of the boys goes with the man from Gospel Tract on their tract route. We sing three times a month with the mission and tract couple, and we worship three Sundays a month with the mission and tract couple at the mission house. The other Sunday we go visit a congregation that is close by. The house parents are Fernando and Emily Schrock from West Point, MS.


This unit started in Vernonia, OR in January of 2007. The houses are raised on piers and the boys add the stairs and decks to accommodate the new height. This unit has moved to Seattle in January of 2013. The boys are building with ‘Habitat for Humanity’ Wed., Thurs., and Fri., and Mon. and Tues. they alternate with ‘Rebuilding Together’ and ‘Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. There are four boys in this unit together with their house parents. The boys put in six months of service in this unit.